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We remove the complicated from the complex

We have identified needs in the reporting process that are underserved, and we have exceeded in meeting those needs. We have developed the CloudBI Reporting Process that empowers business owners to bring to light the value of their data.

We came up with the CloudBI Process as a way to identify, report, and consume the valuable data that matters the most to you. Our CloudBI Process can bring your data to life and give you more insights for data-driven decisions.

We are passionate about enhancing the businesses we serve. We believe all businesses should see the value in their data -- to better serve their communities and customers.

CloudBI Process

Business Intelligence

Our CloudBI Process brings your data to life


CloudBI (business intelligence) reporting tools provides a robust set of easy to consume data views


CloudBI visualzations paint pictures with your data, so you can provide what patients value


CloudBI Mobile offers insights into your value on the go. Access your reports anytime, anywhere, on any device

Big Picture Data

With CloudBI data warehousing we can supply you with real-time data sets and present them to paint a picture of how your business stacks up

Road Maps

The CloudBI Process can consume big data so we can help provide road maps and predictive analytics to assist your business decisions

Data Warehousing

With CloudBI data warehousing we can take a deep dive into everything from your inventory to pricing trends

Custom Solutions

Software Tailored for your needs

Custom Solutions

We will walk you thru the full Software Development Lifecycle Procees (SDLC) to provide to you a full end-to-end solution.


We love to show off your hard work and bring more customers to you. Our service is all inclusive.


Custom mobile apps for any device. We can allow for your business to prosper outside of your brick and mortar.

Point of Sale

We have partnered with the leading POS vendors to provide you exceptional offerings for manageing your inventory and financials. We provide the hardware so you can focus on what you do.


Mentoring and process evaluation is important to us. We can help you be more efficient and learn best practices and how to leverage technology to better serve you.

Disaster Strategy

We believe you should always have a back up plan. We provide a suite of data back-up plans and recovery options to get you back up and running as quick as possible.

The Team

Passionate members focused on serving you

Keith Prince

Founder and CEO

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